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DIY TV cabinet

SketchUp Plans

This time I took a different approach by using a SketchUp tool , this is a great tool and very easy to learn.You can find lots of helpful tutorials on Youtube. It helps a lot while planning and also offers a 3D view of the design. It also helps in reducing wastage of wood by precisely planning how to cut the wood board.
sketchup tv unit

3D Render of the design

sketchup TV unit plan

Front Frame

SketchUp TV Unit plans


SketchUP TV Unit plan

Drawer support frame

SketchUp TV Unit plans

4'x8' Rubber Wood Board

SketchUp TV Unit plans

12mm 3'x7' Plywood


Used Rubber wood this time as you get a far superior finish than plywood and also it s easier to work with than using normal wood as you don't have to plane and fix the imperfections. Was stocking these board for some time. I have cut the board into 4'x4' piece for easy storage and working.
Though I faced an issue as I forgot to seal the cut piece edges with tape and so the board wrapped. But it can be fixed easily by drying it on the cup side facing towards the fan. I also noticed that the boards emits a foul smell from time to time but this problem goes away after sealing the wood.
I used the SketchUp layout for cutting of boards.
It costed me 150Rs/sqft for 18mm board.  I have used 12mm Plywood along with the Rubber wood for the drawer inner frame and 6mm plywood for the drawer bottom.

Cutting and Joinery

For joinery  I have used pocket hole jig from Kerg which I had ordered from Pocket hole joins are strong and well concealed.  Pocket hole screws are not available in local market and importing them will be expensive so I used dry wall screws with a M5 washer.

Pocket hole

Pocket Hole Joint

Kerg pocket hole jig

Screw with M5 washer

My Bosch Impact driver comes very handy in driving the screws and drilling holes. The interchangeable chuck makes life very easy as I can switch between drilling hole and driving screws quickly. I feel that impact driver is far better than a drill driver as you can use it for multiple purpose. Also unlike the drill driver impact driver does not give  back kick when screw gets jammed and is gentle to the wrist. I have done a detailed review on this tool Bosch GDR 10.8 Review.  

Bosch GDR 10.8V impact driver

As I don't have a table saw as yet so I use my Skil 5301 circular saw to do all of the cuts. Making straight cuts with a circular saw is difficult without a edge guide and so I used a 4" long 12mm board with a aluminium channel on top as a saw guide also have bolted a long piece on bottom of the saw to give extra support while cutting. 

Skil Circular Saw

This time I also managed to reduce the Saw dust  as no matter how much care is taken it still gets settles all across the house and takes a lot of effort in cleaning. So I installed a 250mm exhaust fan on the window of the room where I cut the wood with the help of zip ties as it is just for temporary use. It is of great help to remove the fine saw dust also at the time of finishing  it helps to remove the toxic vapors of thinner and varnish.

Exhaust Fan

Clamps come in very handy to fasten the pieces while gluing or cutting the pieces, you can never have enough clamps. Have a few F-Clamps, C-Clamps and Pinch clamps. 
I prefer Fevicol MR for joinery than Fevicol SH as it comes in easy to apply bottle and has a quick drying time, the only time Fevicol SH is used is when gluing laminate as it is cheaper than  Fevicol MR.


Channels for fitting the drawers, you can find them easily at any hardware store. They come in a size difference of 2" so keep your drawer dimensions accordingly. Finishing of Drawers is a difficult task so be careful at the time of cutting, a little resizing can be done at the finalization by sanding.

Drawer Channels installed

All Done


Have used Walnut stain to give a more professional colour to the project. First the wood has to be sanded with 180 grit sand paper then 320 grit sand paper. Once the surface is smooth apply sanding sealer in 50:50 diluted ratio with NC thinner and wipe it out. This is done to make the stain absorb more uniformly, I tried looking for pre staining sealer but could not find one.
Next step is to apply the walnut colour stain with a rag and finally for the top coat applied Asian paints touchwood finish. Apply 2 coats of Touchwood varnish and lightly sand between the coats with a 320 grit sand paper.
I gave the whole finishing a little touch of mine by scrubbing the final layer with a Scrotch-Brite pad and making it a matte from shiny finish. In the end polished the surface with my car polish.( Which is optional)

Sanding process

In the just a collection of all the tools that I used during this project, it was a fun project to do.Loved working with Rubber wood its easy to manage and the finishing is impressive.
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  1. bhai iska base will be vulnerable to liquid spill.....stands k baare mein sooch....

  2. Very nice Apoorv. Almost like the one you get in upmarket furniture showrooms. :-)

    A few queries and I'd be grateful for clarifications.

    - How did you manage to get the "thick" look for the top, bottom and side panels ? It looks like you've used heavy planks of timber. Did you join two cut sheets of 18mm one above the other ?

    - I have often noticed that commercially sold TV consoles are only provided with short legs at each corner and often wondered why castors were not provided instead. I purchased a console from Reliance Living in Jan 2014 and it had only legs. The main problem is that it is far too heavy to move to access the floor behind for cleaning. I've taken the plunge and bought four heavy duty castors (two with brakes) and will be fitting them soon. I notice that you too haven't opted for castors. :-)

    - Those are a great set of clamps seen in the picture. Where did you buy them from ? I'm from Bangalore too and some leads would be appreciated.

    Thanks and regards
    Vinod S

    1. Hi Vinod,
      All the sides are made from single 18mm board in fact every thing except the inner drawer frame is made from 18mm board. The front frame gives that illusion of thickness.
      This unit is also heavy but i never faced any problem in moving it, It slides easily on the tiled flooring. One trick i often use is to place a piece of old cloth under the leg before sliding heavy objects.
      You can buy everything from SJP road Bangalore. My favourite shop is Goodwill you can check their website for address they sell online also but it is way cheaper if you buy from their shop..

    2. Thanks for the reply and clarifications Apoorv. I got to know about Goodwill very recently when reading posts on . That you too recommend the store, I will surely visit it.

      BTW, do you log into regularly ? I observed that you are a member of the Forum. If I need your assistance maybe I could send you a PM there or do you have any other suggestions for contacting you ?


    3. Hi Vinod,
      I don't regularly visit DIYable site but a Private message would work fine as i get a mail notification for it.

    4. Thanks for that offer Apoorv. Appreciated.