Black & Decker KS900E Review

Black & Decker KS900E Review
I have had this Jigsaw for some time now and have used this in couple of projects especially the coffee table project . Have bought this jigsaw from SJP Road Bangalore for  Rs.3800. While searching for jigsaw i centred on this as it came with lot of features and accessories at an very attractive price. If you check the competition the price difference is almost double. The saw comes with a storage case which is a big consideration point for me as i like to store my tools properly after using them. It comes with 10 Blades 6 for wood and soft materials and 4 metal cutting blades. Wood blades are Swiss made and look of descent quality. Till now i have not used the original blades as i had bought Bosch jigsaw blades which are of very good quality and give very smooth cut.


Description Value
Power 600W
Strokes 800-3000/min
Depth of Cut - Wood 85mm
Depth of Cut - Metal 5mm
Depth of Cut - Aluminium 15mm
Cable Length 3 Metres
Black & Decker KS900E reviewBlack & Decker KS900E review

Black & Decker KS900E reviewBlack & Decker KS900E review

Black & Decker KS900E ReviewThe jigsaw has a tools free blade change feature. It supports both U and T Shank blades, which makes it easy when buying new blades as U and T are very common blade head types. You can clearly see from the images the blade that came with the saw are U type and the one from Bosch are T type both work equally well.
Black & Decker KS900E review
4 Metal cutting and 6 Wood cutting blades
There is a magnetic storage case on the saw which can store 3 saw blades at a time. It comes in handy when switching the blades during the cut as one can store the most used blades on the saw itself and can easily swap them.
Black & Decker KS900E review
Blade holding compartment
KS900E  has a 600W variable speed brushed motor. Saw can be adjusted to 7 speed levels with  800 to 3000 strokes per minute. 
Black & Decker KS900E review
7 speed levels
There is also 4 levels pendulum action mode to choose from in this saw. By using pendulum mode you get more aggressive cut, the pendulum action helps in removing the saw dust from the kerf thus extending the blade life. This feature is good for doing rough work as it gives a fast but rough cuts.
Black & Decker KS900E review
4 oscillating modes
Base plate of the saw can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degree with easy locking and unlocking feature.
Also there is a blade angle indicator which comes in handy to accurately set the angle of the blade.
Black & Decker KS900E review
0-45 degree bevel adjustment

Black & Decker KS900E review
85mm maximum cutting depth in wood

Black & Decker KS900E review
Dust extractor port that comes with the saw is 35mm which fits perfectly to my Karcher MV3 vacuum cleaner. You can read more about this vacuum cleaner in my Karcher MV3 Review article
Black & Decker KS900E review
35mm Dust extractor connector
The base plate of the saw has mounting holes so that it can be mounted under a table and used as a scroll saw. There are slots on the side of base plate to attach the guide, also there is a dedicated slot to store the guide in the storage box, but the guide is not included with this saw.
Black & Decker KS900E review
Base plate
A new model KS900EKX has replaced this model, the only difference between this and new model is the motor power 600w vs 620w and the price.
Overall this is a good saw with decent build and great value for money.
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  1. Good article and good photographs to go with it. I checked out some of the projects in your site and I appreciate the quality and creativity of your work.