Solder Fume Extractor

A fume extractor comes in very handy when you are doing soldering work. As the flux inside the solder wire can  produce fumes which are toxic it is always good idea to use a fume extractor or a simple table fan to divert the fume away from the user. I also use the same fume extractor when i am working with chemicals with high VOC (Volatile organic compounds) these chemicals are either used for cleaning the PCB before etching or after soldering to remove the flux form PCB.

This project was in a semi complete state for quite some time as the carbon filter which i had ordered form got delayed.

The fan i am using is a 92mm and comes from a desktop server. I really like this fan as it is very powerful variable speed fan with rating of 12V/2.3A. This fan Nidec BETA V TA350DC is a 4 wire fan with separate wires for PWM (Blue wire) and tachometer (White wire) signal.
Nidec BETA V TA350DC
Nidec BETA V TA350DC
From the Datasheet i came to know the fan has descent static pressure rating. Static pressure rating will tell how the air flow will get affected when the air flow has an obstruction like from a filter or heatsink.

The fan came with a duct attached to it. I have modified this duct to act as a stand and a base to attach the filter. I have used a small plastic enclosure for the circuit.
For the control circuit i have used a ATtiny85 which supports PWM output and has 5 O/P pins.
I am using 3 pins for LED status one pin for PWM output and one pin as input connected to a potentiometer to regulate the fan speed.

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