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is a small seed of efforts from a passionate developer which will grow into a mighty trunk one day. At DoTheDiy we believe in making things that are innovative and consumer-friendly focusing on ease of usage. From a humble beginning as a blogger to woodworking and now a manufacturer of devices it's been a great journey. When we started, it was just a small experiment looking at the various possibilities to realize that a lot of Bikers would need accessories and devices which are unique and make them stand out.

Our devices are handmade with the best precession and honest effort coming out of a small R&D and Manufacturing lab. We use the best components quality tested at various steps. Our devices are tested under stress conditions and we are proud to say that they are used by some of the most passionate bikers across India.

We understand our consumer's needs and the love of their bikes and so we DoTheDiy and make amazing things for you.

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