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This device is based on the original open source uCurrent design by Dave Jones from eevblog. It turns a normal Multimeter or oscilloscope into a precise nanoamp (nA),milliamp(mA),microamp(uA) level current measurement tool. This device puts very little burden voltage while measuring current. The device basically consists of a shunt resistor and a precision op-amp.

To use the device, connect the load (device for which you want to measure current consumption) in series with current input terminals on the device. Connect your multimeter across voltage output terminals for the device. Set the multimeter in voltage range (CurrentWave will convert current consumption into voltage with 1 to 1 mapping between conversion so it is very easy to read the reading eg if CurrentWave is set in 1uV/uA range and multimeter is showing a reading of 50mV then with 1 to 1 mapping current consumption by device would be 50uA).




3 Current ranges

  • +/- 0-300mA (70uV / mA burden voltage typical)
  • +/- 0-1000uA (10uV / uA burden voltage)
  • +/- 0-1000nA (10uV / nA burden voltage)


Output Voltage Units

  • 1mV/mA
  • 1mV/uA
  • 1mV/nA


Resolution (nA range) 100pA (3.5digit meter), 10pA (4.5 digit meter)

Accuracy (typical) <0.2 percentage on uA and nA ranges, <0.5 percentage on mA range.

Output Offset Voltage Negligible on 4.5 digit meter.

Bandwidth 2KHz nominal (+/-0.1dB)

Temperature Drift Insignificant over normal ambient range.

Noise < -90dBV

THD < -60dB

Battery CR2032 Lithium coin cell

Battery Life >200 hours (LED OFF), >50 hours (LED ON)

Connection 4mm banana, screw terminal inputs, standard 19mm spacing.


What's in the Package

1 X CurrentWave Standard(without CR2032 Cell)

Current Wave

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