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PnP Hazard Adapter for Royal Enfield


  • 100 unique Hazard Patterns.


  • Only adapter to offer dimming patterns along with ON/Off patterns.


  • PnP (Plug and Play). No need to cut any wires to install.


  • Memory to remember the set pattern.


  • Will automatically disengage hazard light when turn indicator is given and will automatically re-engage when turn signal is disengaged.


  • No external switch needed to change patterns. All features can be controlled using existing indicator switch.


  • High Power fully protected robust driver, will work on both incandescent and LED bulbs.


  • Fully sealed and highly water-resistant.


  • 2-year warranty.


>>For best result use with LED indicators as incandescent bulbs are slow and produce less brightness.<<

[RE] Thunder - Hazard flasher for Royal Enfield

₹1,299.00 Regular Price
₹999.00Sale Price
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